Cotton Clouds

Walnut Orchard -against the Cotton backdrop Caught &Shot - A&R

Walnut Orchard -against the Cotton backdrop
Caught &Shot – A&R

The enchanting sky captivated my soul. The background was was sheer blue with patches of white cotton spread across the horizon. We drove on the beautiful San Mateo – Hayward bridge. While listening to some lovely country music, the Nissan Altima zoomed on the bridge across to the neighboring city of Fremont. This would be our first impromptu outing in next 8 months! The cotton clouded sky above and the deep blue bay waters below made some splendid show that early morning in February 2013.

This was a long drive to Ardenwood farm where we were greeted by an old lady at the entrance gate. I was already mesmerized by the vastness and the varied flora of the farm. The owners  George and Clara Patterson had owned this farm since 1850 and it was amazing to observe how the farm house, its flora  and fauna was still maintained. The railway line which passed through the farm to go through Arden station was well preserved till date and operated for a short tour ride across the farm.

The walnut orchard, the oats field, the vegetables on the yard, the farm animals all added up to the charm of this 18th century farm and the Patterson house took me more than 100 years back in time.There were loads of farm animals from sheep, hens,rabbits, goats, cows and even some beautiful turkey. The farm machines were restored since the inception of farm and turned into a small museum where one could observe how the farm ran in its hey days.

My camera was in process of capturing hundreds of pictures which would be a treasure in days to come. Indefinite colors and shapes of flowers, trees , farm animals, ,clouds , farm roads were stored in my mind and in my heart forever.

The love of nature , hiking  and silence were a few things that bound us tight! The songs that would be hummed on the drive made sure the experience was thoroughly enjoyed. This was the beginning of the hundreds of trips that would mark new beginnings of life in every sense.

Bay Bridge Caught & shot- A&R

Bay Bridge
Caught & shot- A&R


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