Full Moon Glory


As I drove across the Nehru ORR in Hyderabad at the wee hours of morning, I was apprehensive of driving back home alone. That nearly 20 kms stretch to the airport is too desolate to enjoy the drive at night. I had no choice but to be with this guy who had an early morning flight at 6 am.We left at 4.30 am in the morning and the buses had started arriving from distant cities. The early morning travelers had their baggage on and were looking for their transport on the road. Some going to the railway station and some waiting for their buses. The Mumbai highway had considerable traffic even at that hour of the dawn!

As we left the city area and hit upon the outer Ring Road, a bright yellow ball of pearl seemed to dazzle the western sky. I peeped onto it from the other window and found myself drowned into its glow. The entire sky seemed to be lit into a yellow glow around this yellow ball of gold.The 45 minutes  drive zoomed passed like if it were 5 minutes on that expressway! And if I come to think of it, there were no words exchanged between the two travelers all these 45 minutes ! It was a clear black sky and the moon was on its glory throwing its shine all over the earth. The fear factor of driving alone while coming back had been hijacked by this disarming and fascinating moonshine and it had cast its spell on me! The journey back home was a twin gift as the dawn broke on eastern sky.

For there is nothing like being greeted by the sun in the morning , and to start another wonderful day of this life!


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