Camellia Sinensis- That Morning Cup of Tea


I like my tea with milk and some cardamom in it. The Indian style…or rather the north Indian style. Each morning when I drink this heavenly cup of tea with the right amount of sugar, milk and water in it, my body energizes for the day ahead. This cup of tea I do not allow anyone to make for me and no black, green or brown tea can replace this magical North Indian tea at the break of my dawn!

Tea has its hundreds of variants all across the world. The Chinese like it green and black, the Japanese only green, the Indian like it with milk and the Turkish with some fruity flavor like apple. In India too, up in the Himalayas , the tea is called Kahwa. Its green orthodox tea and is flavored with cinnamon. While in Srinagar, I remember drinking it like a dozen cups a day! Its so refreshing and you could carry on drinking the whole day!

In the north east part of India , the tea has a social and religious importance. Its a ritual to offer black tea in special brass tumblers to guests at home and in religious places where people come to pray or to offer prayers. The moment you sit down as a guest at someone’s place, the lad of the house will bring a cup of tea. As if the water is perennially kept on fire in the kitchen.

Back in southern India , more specifically in Hyderabad, I got to taste Irani Tea. Seemed like a cousin of North Indian tea…..nonetheless tasty!!

Then there is one in which black tea is given with a dash of fresh lemon juice! This is good to break away from the regular milk tea.It feels light and fresh t have fresh lemon tea in the mid mornings!

The Darjeeling tea at one of the tea gardens in Darjeeling was also a cousin of north Indian Milk tea. It was yummy …but not what Darjeeling is actually famous for….the thin-bodied, light-colored infusion with a floral aroma.

Having studied Tea Science and Technology as a major in graduation, I could not really work in this field. But the love for tea as a drink remains. Love to see the tea plantations on rolling hills in Assam , my native place. Love to inhale the fresh air in a tea factory where tea leaves are being rolled in continuously !

Then there are various green, black and English Earl grey that I get to taste when I’m travelling and staying in places like Mariott, Oberoi and Hilton. My hubby has started liking having his evening English tea with me now so much so that even an hour’s delay makes him anxious and he asks me from his study if at all I’m making tea or not!

Proud to be a native of the state which grows tea extensively and serves the world its morning cup!



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