The Bridges

The Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County

The time I laid my hands this book, I got hooked onto it until I wrapped it up. I relished it over 2 days over breakfasts, lunches and dinners and took it to my bed until my eyes closed. Every moment of it I wished it would not get over.It was a delight to watch the movie thereafter. Superb acting by the protagonist portrayed by Meryl Streep as Francesca. Though I didn’t agree with the way she willingly threw away her chances of living her life happily with the photographer played by Clint Eastwood. She had her reasons but I guess it was more of her being used to live with her family than anything else.

After watching the movie, I got so fascinated by the covered bridges of Madison that I promised myself, I would make a trip to Iowa when in USA. Unfortunately that could not happen as I  was far away in San Francisco and was not able to take that long a journey.

There were 19 bridges in Madison out of which only 6 remains now. These were made in 1800’s .The bridges were covered by order of the County Board of Supervisors to help preserve the large flooring timbers, which were more expensive to replace than the lumber used to cover the bridge sides and roof.

The dream is passionately preserved for the next trip and meanwhile the movie remains my all time favorite. Watching Clint Eastwood falling in love with Meryl hopelessly and passionately, her kids trying to understand the secret their mother was telling them after her death, the respect Francesca  had for her  husband, though the love had disappeared post marriage as she got dreary in the daily household chores. The manner she lost herself in the life that she so happily dreamed of. The glow which illuminated her face when she explains Robert what she always dreamed of doing in life….

An absolute treat to watch this movie, the only worry is the amount of tissue I have to keep by while watching it . I only wished it could end differently, an ending which would inspire everyone to take that chance which may come only once in a life time. I wanted Francesca to be happy and loved by Robert rest of her life. A love that would probably let her be what she actually was.


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