Winter Fog

Foggy Delhi

Foggy Delhi

Landed in the capital at 8pm last night. Barely survived the long delays at airports. Delhi is notorious for its foggy mornings in winters and god seemed to have blown his smoke pipe quite early this winter!!

Having spent several winters in Delhi by now, I tell you this fog gives you no indication until late in the night! On a clear moonlit night It would suddenly start somewhere around 3-4 am in the morning and within 20- 30 minutes the visibility becomes less that 50 meters. Several times I would remember going to drop someone at the airport, the 20 minute journey back home would take more than an hour courtesy the sudden blanket of fog.

I have experienced this phenomena back in home at Jorhat too while I was in college. Rowriah was known as the most foggy area on earth during the nineties. Similarly , when in school at Agra, it was dreading to cross that 2 km long stretch near the airport which was known as being “Siberia” of Air Force Station Agra. In the night, without any streetlights, the visibility would drop to zero here and there was a sudden temperature drop of more than 5  degrees the moment we entered “Siberia”!

I also remember watching fog in Shillong a couple of years back. But I think ,it would be classified more as clouds rather than fog. It would suddenly become foggy and the fog could be seen coming inside my house. The house was located upon a hill and watching the fog enter into the house through the french windows and then disappear in the same manner was fascinating !!

This was an everyday phenomena when I stayed in California near San Francisco. Every evening ,without fail, the Pacific Ocean would generate clouds and then push them to shore towards San Francisco and the neighboring places. The cloud would then blanket the whole area by 7 pm and stay that way the whole night. Magically the sky would be crystal clear and sun would break in for a bright morning.

This beautiful phenomena is seems to be specific to only some places and more specific to places near airports. Im yet to see such dense fog in western, southern part of India.


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