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An evening out in California

An evening out in California Caught & Shot – A & R

Sam and Neha were meant to be together…or so as they thought. But not everything that one dreams comes true. God was planning something else…atleast for Sam. It was 7 years of knowing and 2 years of marriage. Neha now knows Sam had been cheating on her through most of the time during their marriage. She thinks, Sam is to be blamed and punished for all the lies and the cheating. She imagines his new partner loves other things…she thinks, Sam made a spur of the moment decision… She thinks Sam waited excitedly to come back home and to her Dosas…Neha was hallucinating all the while in her 2 year old marriage.While she closed her eyes and chose not to take care of Sam or to do a reality check anytime,she was hit with a bullet straight in her heart. She now blames it on Sam but then she would rather plan her further studies while he was away on business trips…most of the time in their 2 year old marriage. Neha was confident that Sam who pursued her for a long time was can never go away once the marriage was solemnized. Neha had lost her man in precisely 2 years, to her callousness, her carefree attitude and to her ambitious career plans.

Little did Neha know, Sam actually liked all kinds of cuisines and she was giving him only Dosas ! Sam loved Chole Bhature, Makke ki roti-sarson ka saag, Bhakari and lehsun chutney, Baigan ka bharta, Kulche -chole, Gajar ka halwa, Kheer, …..Neha didn’t try to know things about Sam. She just didnt care to know.She took him for granted.

Sam had found an angel who would do anything for him. She cooked for him, ran back from work to be with him for the evenings and nights, travelling 2 hours in public transport. She gave him massages on weekends to de-stress him, she oiled his hair and gave him facials and pedicures. Sam felt he was in heaven in the first month of dating! Sam started doting on her so much that he decided to dump this relationship of 10 years to be with her. Sam’s new girl was making him crazy with her food, love, glamour, style and voice !!

Lets give her a name- Ria.

Sam was seeing Ria since summer of 2011. That would mean his marriage was practically over even before he completed 2 years. After knowing someone for 3 years (2002- 2005), dating for next 4 years (2005-2009) and being married to her for next 2 years (2009-2011)… it had to be a horrific love story to have ended this way !

No one will ever know what went wrong exactly because Sam would never share his innermost feelings with anyone. They had been practically living together since the summer of 2011 .Ria could only assume that it was sheer incompatibility between Sam and Neha which resulted into Sam dumping her and finding solace in Ria’s arms. From whatever Sam confided in her,it looked like Neha had started taking Sam for granted….too much and too fast ,once the marriage happened and then when she got herself into the doctorate program, Neha became incorrigible. Sam hated going back home and despised a screaming Neha. A girl, he thought was nice and gentle turned out to be  a brutal woman. Sam told Ria that marriage turned Neha into a witch and brought out the worst in her. He was taken aback and had never comprehended it. He didn’t know how to handle the viciousness and wickednss of his newly wedded wife. Breaking away was the easiest option for him.

There is just one known reason of  Sam getting off the marriage and getting involved with Ria. As Ria remembered Sam telling her ,one of the reasons he loathed about Neha was that neither was she ready to work and share the expenditures of the house nor was ready to take over the household responsibilities. She was always ready with one excuse- She had to study. Sam had to look after the house and run errands on a daily basis whenever he had an off from work. Worst of all most of the time food came from outside. It was a living hell for a man who worked so hard to come back home at 10 in the night only to order food from outside. He told Ria, “Neha was no good for anything and just wanted to enjoy life at my cost”. You certainly cannot have the cake and eat it too. That too when you are a short and stout 4 feet tall , dark , curly haired thing with nasty intentions !! Of course Sam fell out of love (or whatever) too soon and saw it fly out of the window as soon as the marriage vows were done. He kept pretending all the 2 years…till Ria happened to him and until he saw light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing called – Impossible. Not even coming out of a love marriage and declaring that its over.

Going back to past…Sam plunged himself into work related travel across the globe,while Neha put her energies into studies. It was a pity that so early into the marriage, both of them had chosen to give time to their careers instead of the marriage. This was the time marriage was crumbling apart and Neha didn’t have a clue about it and thought Sam was simply busy in work while actually Sam was crawling out of the marriage slowly but steadily.Sam knew it but was happily ignorant about it. Getting away from home was good for him. He was a peace whenever he was away from home.

Were the long dating years resulted into too much of knowing each other and hence boredom? Ria wondered why Sam didn’t ask Neha to travel along with him or why would Neha let Sam go out of the country so often and for so long? Why didn’t both of them missed each other’s company and instead chose to make their own careers ?Was this the beginning of the end? Neha never realized her temper tantrums were becoming too much to handle for Sam and he was disgusted because a lack of pleasant companionship on his frequent tours abroad and on top of that he had to bear the terrible fights that would follow on his return. A simple chance meeting with Ria had split wide open the cracks of Sam and Neha’s 10 year long relationship. It was a pity that both of them had failed to recognize the developing  gaps in their relationship. Ria learnt her first lesson- she would never let Sam travel alone, ever.

Ria happened to read some of his emails from early days of his marriage. Two months into the marriage Sam was already looking  for a shoulder to cry, on dating sites.  Was Sam just fooling around or he had actually given up on Neha just in 2 months of marriage? One would never know.

A year of dating went by, Ria would never knew that Sam was already married. He had chosen not tell her. It was a horrible day when Ria came to know that the guy she was dating and was thinking to spend rest of life was already married…her world broke apart. It was then, that Sam told her that, it was she who he wants to grow old with and that his marriage was almost over and that now it was on mere papers that he was married. Sam promised he would never lie to her again. But Sam also told her that he didn’t know how to get out of his marriage. This was something which would keep Ria bothering for next one year.

Two years into the relationship , Sam was still not ready to disclose his parents nor his estranged wife. How could he? Here was this wife of 3 years and girlfriend of 7 years…waiting for him on holidays to come back home, waiting for his phone calls everyday. At least for the sake of keeping the marriage if not for love. She never realized that it was she who let the cracks develop in the marriage…who let Sam go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted….and now Sam had gone too far away from her.

Ria knew Sam had to be anchored. He needed love and compassion at home. He needed home made food, travelling together and a child soon. Ria never let Sam to go anywhere alone, except to meet his parents. Sam realized, this was the companionship he had been waiting for all his life.

Sam developed a habit of keeping his cell phone in drawer in silent mode. He would not care…he was having the time of his life with Ria. Even after that lie, Sam was being showered with love that knew no bounds. Several times Ria would ask Sam what went wrong in their marriage, he would just say, Neha didn’t love him and that she never respected or cared for him. Ria knew, Sam needed much more love ,affection and respect that Neha had given him in last 10 years. Ria got into this gigantic task of overwhelming Sam with love and respect. It was not easy but it was not impossible either. In these two years Sam and Ria would travel across India on vacations. Hills, valleys, beaches….they loved each other like crazy,shared each other’s passions and promised each other all the love and care in the world.

They went to US in their second year of togetherness. Both knew they had to invest in each other and it felt like entire universe was  conspiring…for them to be together for life !This was the best time to bond without any disturbances from either of the families…far away from the rest of the world. They discovered each other more and found that they were meant to be together.

Neha came to know about Sam’s relationship soon. She could not do much from back India.Though she had always doubted it….but could never come to terms with it. She had put in too much confidence in Sam. The way he had pursued her in their early days until their wedding….she thought Sam would never go away from her, and that Sam was emotionally dependent on her and that their marriage was for keeps. A little carelessness from Neha and  Sam proved her wrong. No marriage is guaranteed unless its worked upon day in and day out. Neha never knew the secret of keeping a man and the marriage.

Neha sent an email to Sam asking him if he was indeed having an affair and if so it would be wise to get rid of each other with divorce. Sam jumped into action and replied her that it was all that he wanted and that the marriage was over from his side long time ago. Neha could not believe her eyes when she read the mail….she sent it to their parents. She was again wrong in showing their parents what Sam was upto. Because Sam was her choice and not their parents’. If only anyone could have saved the marriage, it was Neha. She still refused to acknowledge her faults and would rather show the world Sam’s infidelity and cheating. Little did she know, no third person can break a marriage. There has to be a broken door for someone to enter the house. Neha was in pits, she thought Sam had thrown away a beautiful dream with a woman he had fallen in love with four years ago. She never tried to know or try to love Sam actually. It was she who had thrown her dream away.

Sam had now finally found the woman to share his beautiful dream of a life. Sam didn’t have time to look back or think who to blame. He was already in bliss with love of his life right next to him every second of  time. Ria had chucked her job to be with Sam. It also made sure they traveled together on Sam’s work assignments. Sam got addicted to Ria’s love and comfort. That was all he ever needed.

Divorce papers were filed by the end of the year once Sam and Ria were back in India. Sam took Ria everywhere he went…even to file his divorce papers. The had a year end holiday at God’s own country.They enjoyed cruises, local cuisines and sight-seeing adventures. She wanted to be by his side when he snapped the 10 year long but already dead bond. Sam would never say no to Ria.

Sam was happy and told Ria they would tie the knot soon. Ria was ecstatic. This was the first time Sam had spoken of marriage.

Back home,they held each other’s hands and went for their regular long walks in the evenings. They went together almost everywhere they could. Ria dropped  Sam at his work and went for shopping in the mall near to his workplace, so that they can have lunch together even while Sam was working. Sam has now started working from home….such is the addiction they have for each other.

Evening are spent drinking wine in their balcony and looking at the stars and the moon,Sam and Ria have finally found their heaven and they promised never to let each other down.


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