2013- the year that was…


January 2013- A good birthday celebrated with family and friends. A special bouquet came from US of A. Nothing could be better when you are surrounded by love.

February- An even better month. Tickets for USA came.Fears in mind but wings in heart flew me out of the country. For the very first time.

March- Dreams come true….Californian evenings, trek-mornings, multi-country cuisines, wine tasting sessions i Napa County.

Caught & Shot- A & R

Caught & Shot- A & R

April- A certain health hazard comes in…recovered. Money spent, loads.Overall a chaotic month.

May- Gotta stay all by myself in USA.It was dreadful….alone in an alien country. Friend who I was staying with is flying back to India for 10 days.

June-An over all better month. Things are sorted out a bit. People I have in my life have finally dared to come to terms with truth of their life!!

Caught & Shot- A & R

Caught & Shot- A & R

July- Its Las Vegas baby… nothing could be better than this road trip to Vegas.A dream come true a midst deserts of US.Enjoyed all 5 days in Vegas in style !!

August-  Hollywood and more…it was a wow month. Beverly Hills, downtown Hollywood, Sunset boulevard, Universal Studios…O my gawd….it was super fun ! Healthwise a downhill again. Recuperated in a month’s time.

September- Back to India. Not feeling good. have loads of goodies for family…yeah that made me feel good.Trip back to home to be with my folks. Some legal decisions to be taken in short time. My lawyer sucks.

October- Moth spent with Mom and Dad. Pampered.

November- In Hyderabad by Oct 15th. Take stock of the house. Clean,cook, get ready for a new life and be happy !

December- Roller coaster ride….the year rolls by. Many major things in life get settled. Thank God for an eventful year.



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