Stroke of Midnight

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I was kind of hurrying 2013 out the door, and that’s true. Looking back at it now…. one hell of an eventful year that it was !! Full of travelling, building relationships,breaking away from some unwanted ones, being with nature, living life each day as it came with no work pressures and full of trying new things which included barbeque-ing , gambling at Vegas Casinos, driving new sedans and SUV every new month, looking for Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian’s house in Beverly Hills were some of it…

The eventful year that it was , went by faster than usual. I’m glad many issues got resolved and that makes me look forward  to a better life.

Come 2014, THE day was spent lazily and by evening I decided to gift myself something good. Happiness is something one has to earn for oneself. You really should not wait for someone to make you happy. New year also combines with my birthday hence the gift for myself. It was a gold necklace and I’m really happy for the decision I made on the eve of new year. It had been years, and I had never gifted myself anything.

A lovely blue dress as birthday gift, Italian food in an upscale cafe, followed by birthday cake from Westin…what could be a better way to welcome a brand new year which promise to hold many such beautiful moments .

Must thanks all the people I have in my life who make it worthwhile. Mum, dad,brother, friends and that special one without whom life would have been wated. The love and care they shower on me , makes me humble and thankful to god.


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