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The Lone Cyprus

The Lone Cyprus

The fascination to travel anywhere and everywhere. To see places. be it historical , natural or modern, constitutes me. The bug may have housed inside me in my growing years. There were places and places that I would go and see courtesy Dad’s job with Indian Air Force. By the time I was 20, I had practically seen most of India. Seeing varied places and cultures of India also meant I was embracing them too.

When so called Saviors of social culture of my own state would cry patriotism for the state, I wonder , why do I only belong to my country and not to my state! The only answer I get,  is that travelling all across the country has made me belong to the country and not to any particular state.

Going back to being bitten by travel bug…

This year it will be Araku, Goa, Delhi , US and may be China. Again.


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