Cheers for 2014 !

Of course there were no concrete Near Year resolutions that were kept  till now. By the year rushes in with its thrills, we get so busy in our daily chores that we forget about our new year resolutions and just get on with life as such. With or without New Year Resolutions…I did become a better person though. Control over anger, having patience, working on thinking logically , eating healthy food….are some of the good things I have adapted to in last few years!

This year ,  I have 3 resolutions and I dare myself to keep them :

Resolution 1- I will listen more and talk less making the appropriate use of the organs god has given us- two ears and one mouth.

Resolution 2- I  will make myself work for an NGO be it an Old age home,orphanage or an education related operation.

Resolution 3- I will make exercising a daily habit , come what may.


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