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Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer

Everyone has their own style, everyone is unique, but there are few people I consider are my style icons. I like elegant and classy , but I can also like extravagant and chic sometimes. Dressing in smart professional business suits and skirts, smartly draped Saris like the ones donned by air hostesses, elegant evening gowns and some swanky short cocktail dresses are some which would make up my list. Along with it, a signature smart attitude is a must wear to create a style.

Diana Spencer would top the list of my style icons followed by Chitrangada Singh. Sushmita Sen, Rekha, Scarlett Johansson, Jenifer Aniston and Catherine Middleton are some of my favorites too. I feel these women enhanced their looks and presence with their own style. They are iconic  because of the charisma they created for themselves. Diana Spencer’s shy gaze fro under her bobbed fringe, Chitrangada’s exquisite sense of style that she carries even in her still pictures, Sushmita’s smart oratory skills, Rekha’s diverse acting skills, Scarlett’s beautifully chiseled looks,acting skills at such a young age and sense of style, Jennifer Aniston’s comedy timings and toned up body,Catherine Middleton’s glorious hair and the royal sense of style that she developed as she was never born with it, are some of the reasons these people are known for.

These women constantly inspire me to have a unique trademark  style of my own. Have a toned healthy body, be pleasant, speak your mind, be an inspiration for others and give back to the world in some form or other. For “Icon”s are supposed to be inspiring generations…so have a style icon and be one too !


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