Goa Beckons

Goa- March 2012

Goa- March 2012

It was spring of 2012 and their romance was on full bloom. Abhi told Ria that he has not been to Goa ever. That was the moment Ria decided they would plan for a short vacation in Goa. Ria booked the flight tickets for a week in Goa. Abhi booked the resort they would stay in North Goa.

The bamboo huts in the resort were a dream come true..Mornings would start with long walks fromone beach to another.Daytime was spent sightseeing and lazying sipping beer on the beach they were camped in. Lunch of Kingfisher curries with rice at local restaurants and dinners an Morjim beach cafes were simply out of this world.Wines in the evenings would set up the mood, which would lead to jamming sessions at beach clubs followed by walks along the water with naked feet in moonlit nights. Then they would head to hunt for cafes owned by Russians in Morjim for a late night dinner.

Goa is calling again…tickets have been booked and dreams perfectly framed!

The love -lorn couple looks forward for a dream vacation again. Only this time, its going to be flawless , ever-lasting happiness as the worries have been taken care of. They wish to take long morning walks along the beaches in the morning, speed away on their motorbike discovering each small little corner of the paradise and dance in under mystical lights of the famed Goan Flea Markets.

The magical diamond studded sky under the blue water awaits Abhi and Ria. Here they had cemented their relationship…and were mesmerized by its beauty and serenity for the very first time and they had promised to return again…


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