Finding Destiny

Caught & Shot Ani

Caught & Shot

Out in the sea

It was cold and blue.

The journey had been long,

tiring and devastating.

Having lost everything,

Only with my bare soul.

I kept rowing in the rough sea,

Only to find the night was long.

Under the dark sky,

Setting moon gave me hope.

For sun was about to shine,

to light up the life about to arrive.

To hold on to life in the sea,

I had a row, a soul and my heart.

I kept looking at the setting moon,

for hope, desires and dreams.

Enduring long, dark, stormy night,

I rowed fiercely.

With the first ray of sun,

Glimpses of future showed.

For the entire universe conspires,

to achieve what you really want.

Hold on and hold tight,

And keep the faith.


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