Just Impeccable


Rahul and Ria were caught in the web of their failing marriages and the casual affair that they had got into. Abusive, cruel and hopeless marriages. To fight back or to mentally get out of the painful marriages,they had a whirlwind courtship in the summer of 2011.Ria’s marriage had been longer than Rahul’s however it was easy for her to get out of it as she had already called quits. Rahul was in deep trouble. First of all , he had married this woman after 4 years of courtship. They were into their 2nd year of marriage and Rahul was too nice a soul to declare separation. He was thinking about his folks and her folks besides her. Though he was mentally out of this love-marriage  in the first year itself but when it came to formally call quits, he ran cold feet. With Ria he was happy and ecstatic but whenever she broached the subject of him letting his wife know about the current state of affairs, he always said he needed more time. And sometimes when Ria could manage to find his inner most fears, it seemed like he actually was worried about his mother’s reaction and the subsequent repercussion she may have on her health. Ria understood Rahul’s plight. So she let him be. She wanted him to overcome his fears and earn courage by himself and only time could do it for him. After a year of dating and knowing the circumstances Rahul was in, Ria told him if he wanted to re-consider getting back to his wife, it was fine with her.

Rahul went back to his work city and during this 6 month time that though they lived separately, Rahul and Ria flew to be with each other every 2 months. During this time Rahul’s wife came to stay with him for a week before and after Diwali. After she went back and being not able to bear Rahul’s indifference since last at least one year, Rahul’s wife tried to end her life. He was petrified when the cops called him and told him to be in Mumbai the next day. Traumatic it was for him but Rahul had the last straw with Ria with this extreme step she had taken. he had told Ria that she had tried it before too. Travelling back to back in a bus for 2 long days, Rahul came back to his city and probably it was time he decided enough is enough.

After 6 months when Rahul met Ria and they went to a social get- together with Ria’s friends, he finally confessed Ria that he just cannot live with his wife anymore and that he wanted Ria in his life. He seemed to have made a major decision of his life.Rahul was flying out of the country and he asked Ria to join him as soon as was possible for her.

Ria was happy that he now knew what he wanted. Now was the time to find a way or wait for destiny to take over. They lived happily in another country for 6 months. Meanwhile Rahul’s wife asked for a divorce and he jumped into action. Ria told him, now or never. The entire universe seemed to conspire to make their dream come true. He asked his wife’s lawyer to wait until he is back in the country. Ria was still wondering if it was really happening or if it was going to fizzle out in next 6 months. But once they were back, Rahul immediately got in touch with his wife’s lawyer and fixed the date of signing the divorce petition. Now Ria knew that it was wise for her to give Rahul sometime to take a call. Meanwhile the universe was in action!

Ria’s dream of having Rahul had come true in 2 years. In the beginning, she never knew if they could make it ever. But Rahul had done his bit at the end of it. Without batting an eyelid he had gone ahead and signed on the papers, making him Ria’s forever. This was something Ria had only imagined in her dreams.

The Universe had actually conspired to bring them together and to make their dream come true. Rahul and Ria were happy , content and looking forward for a blissful life. Given their love, respect and compatibility with each other, everything seems like a cakewalk now.

Sometimes when chips are down or when there seemed to be no way out ,its better to leave it to destiny. Wish and dream the same but let the Universe work a way around it. Love all the more and keep the faith.



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