Daily Prompt : Mirror , Mirror


When I look into the mirror, I see a confident , loved and treasured girl. One who had seen a great deal right from her childhood like everyone else. One who was pushed into a marriage without she realizing the very meaning of it. The sucker taking it all out of her in so many long years. She endures it and she wins it at the end…

Then the time came which , gave her confidence and grit to get out of the rut and fall in love with a guy who didnt know what he was doing and why he was doing it. She had a broken heart and and already bruised soul. Picking up the pieces she loved him hard.

She sees a girl who has the capacity to love her guy and negate the picture she was made unto for so many years. She smiles and looks good with her shiny hair and even shinier skin.  She  puts some inches around her waist…the waist she so consciously maintained for her dream guy.

Her dream guy, rightly and consciously holds and treasures her waist!

She is happy, truly , genuinely and profoundly…she sees this image of her in the mirror.

She feels gratitude for this guy who did everything possible to make her this happy, to make her dreams come true…in this lifetime itself.


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