Daily Prompt: Right here, Right now



Right here , right now….I’m fussing over a dress purchased online. My first. May be the last. Online shopping is a tedious , painful and a frustrating experience. To check on the dress or shoes once its arrives, to check and then to return it…waiting for the entire process to happen again.

My sweetheart is sitting next to me, working, teasing me and complaining that I have changed. Changed since he met me 2 years before….I wasn’t this choosy and I used to make quick decisions… I have taken to shopping and that I no more talk to him like before. Well… I tell him…take me or leave me ! And its true ….you get to know a person’s various not so dominant characteristics only when you live with him 24*7 and get to see his temperaments on hourly basis. Its different than dating days…its challenging!

Right now, he has started playing on a beautiful song…Mera mann kehne laga…

This is a beautiful moment.One that I would like to cease. Present is the moment which is to be relished for it becomes the past. Which you can go back to again and again…

Right now, my honey is excited…almost dancing while working….Well I would love to tell him…,”You were not like this before, you were calm, composed “. I would better control myself and rather enjoy this moment. I get to see his naughtier …much wilder side now after 2 years of togetherness… and yes I’m loving it!

Right now…right here is heaven. Music, my honey, my peace and our life. Blissful and tranquil…as I had dreamed always.


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