Best Friend Forever lesson


Tidiness, Perfection, Being meticulous.

Three things that I have learned from him. I thought I was the perfectionist and had an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for neatness….it turned out to be a farce.

He taught me what neatness and orderliness was. Perfection was an attitude and not a task anymore.

So why does one has to be so perfect? I always thought ,it was a thing to be decided by one’s own judgement. Now it seems being so callous. Perfection is for self, to know how good you are to yourself and not to anyone else.

Cleanliness amounting to dusting, washing hands,cleaning bathrooms and the house in general. orderliness to keep things at right place and to do things at right time….doing every task with perfect clarity in mind and leaving no loopholes. So that one does not waste time re-doing it. Perfection to the core…so that there is no other way left to do things in a more right manner.

Perfection is an art of doing things in the most correct way so as to get optimum results from a deed. So that you don’t regret for        the moment which went by never to come again in your life.

I have learnt the three most important lessons from my friend. And I’m grateful       that I’m a better human being now!

Life sure is a lesson, one that we cannot undo and live again.So why not enjoy each moment, doing things most perfectly so that we can bask in the glory when its time to reap the crops!


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