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Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

Anna had lost most of her youth in this marriage.It was her parents who selected the guy for her while she was all of 20 when the hell broke loose. Till this day she wonders why they did what they did while she was still a tender girl. For a long time, Anna would blame them for the mess that happened in her life.

Not any more, when she decided to step out and move on. She was responsible for her life and not anyone else.So what if her parents made a mistake, she could still set it alright! If she is given this wish to get a “do over” , she would choose not to get married in at such a tender age. She would choose to know the person inside out before any commitments are made. She would choose to find out whether the guy really appreciates the individuality of his soul-mate and respect the differences.

This time around, she would handpick the guy herself, give him time to woo her. Spend a couple of years romancing and understanding and appreciating the guy as he is. She would take her own time to decide whether or not spending the rest of the life with this  guy is gonna be worth it. Once its sure that the love and longing is equal from both sides, she would say yes to commitment and thereby marriage. She would first enjoy, explore and indulge in love with her soul-mate. Kids can wait.

She would then not blame anyone, including herself for ruining the best years of her life. She would treasure and spend her life happily with the guy of her dreams. Is it so difficult and far fetched dream? No it isn’t.

Life has taught her to live in her own terms. Now or never.



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