West End Girls


It was early 90’s when I grew up. A place which I never felt I was not a native of.Hot Summers, beautiful showers post summers and cold Siberian winters. Protected and secured campus. Trustworthy and humble friends and families as neighbors…

Back then , the air was clean, less motor vehicles. All four of us had bicycles. Everyone used to go to office/schools in bicycles. Bell bottoms and checkered shirts were in thing. The girls wore braids in schools, I was not allowed to grow much longer than a bob! Dad was worried , if I got busy in fashion , I would lose interest in studies. Though Mom would made me wear trendy midis and skirts and jeans styled by her.

Classmates were friends and some neighbors were also good friends. One fine day, dad brought a new stuff – Shampoo! Hair started becoming more manageable and less oily. Children mostly were naive unlike present times. There were no drugs or related issues. The High school saw only a couple of couples. The girls were less fashion conscious and more study oriented. Boys were less rowdy and more serious for their careers. There were no Converse, Levis, Adidas or any designer brands to adorn our selves. We used to wear clothes stitched by neighborhood tailors. I remember mom gave me one of her red Georgette Sari to make a dress out of it! Jeans were high waist…dresses with lots of flares and frills.

The kids were more obedient and less aware about whats happening in the rest of the world. There were no mobiles and no cable TV. Kids used to go to watch movies with their parents until high-school.Parents were more pushy since kids had little exposure to the outside world. 90’s was a good time…slow in terms of progress and development nonetheless it gave us lot of time to express ourselves through art and craft.

It is hard to conclude if technology has brought it solace or madness…

I still want to go back to the tech-less times when we had enough time to buy a cloth, design it and give it to tailor for stitching and send for repairs in case of any faults. . There was no mad rush for any thing and we had all the time in the world to do everything we desired.


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