Film review- Queen



QUEEN is a journey of a girl while blossoming of herself. Queen speaks volumes about our changing social norms at a middle class level. Parents going out and out to support their girls: even to the extent of letting her take that trip abroad alone, to relieve her of a broken heart. Rani, the protagonist, meets her counterparts across Paris and Amsterdam who seem to enjoy and make the best out of whatever their lives have thrown at them. She sulks for the lost-love yet finds liberation around every corner.
The protagonist dares to stay in an all boys dorm, fights off a mugger to save her passport and kisses her crush accepting a frantic challenge…all in an alien country.

The story adds on to fueling your wanderlust.

Watch out for: the little brother threatening the guy when he dumps his sister albeit just with action, Rani living her dream of visiting Paris even though its without a guy by her side, she driving her drunk friends home in an alien country when she had been written off at it by her ex , the grandmother dwelling into her past disclosing about the guy she left in Pakistan during partition…and later on finding a handsome guy in refugee camp who she goes on to marry, teaches the most important lesson of life – Everything has a greater reason…

…And finally Rani thanking her ex for dumping her at altar – for because of him she was able to re-discover her own self.

Kangana has evolved along the years and is able to carry a movie to box-office , on her own. A good watch over the extended Holi weekend !



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