Que Sera Sera


We can control our own destiny. I believe slowly but steadily when we make small day to day decisions….we are carving our fate.

The future is not set at any pint of time.

Fate is a course of events that happen that happens inevitable.Like some being born in a certain state of a certain country.On events like this no one has any control however in most of the aspect of our life we can make small or big decisions thereby choosing our fate. For example a person who smokes tobacco for a continued period of time is working towards his fate to die young as compared to a person who does not smoke.

We have a control over what happens to us in the future. Because there is nothing that will happen for sure. We determine our future from what we do now. We make our own future from our own actions, and nothing or no one else is responsible for it.


However natural catastrophe like hurricanes ,tornadoes or Tsunamis are location specific and cannot be avoided. We should still be prepared for the results even if we cannot stop them so that we can reduce the loss of life and other material things.

Sometimes we believe in our luck or rather bad luck. Luck is achieving a favorable or negative outcome by being on the positive side of a mathematical probability. It is the belief that all events are guided by random chance. It is a hundred times more likely that someone will get fatally struck by lightning than win a lottery. Since its all a matter of probabilities hence we should not blindly submit ourselves to this phenomena called luck.

Just because the odds are stacked against you, doesn’t mean you should quit.

Instead,ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

We are never prisoner of our own fate. Some things are beyond our power to change. But because life is full of options, we can use our resources to realize our objectives.



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