Kansas Snowflakes

Kansas City

Kansas City (Caught & Shot by Ani)


It was a fantastic year for Ria and Ani , the year 2011-2012. Ani was now being sent to US. Ria was scared for the loneliness it would bring.Being on the other side of the world and trying to be in touch was not going to be easy. Ani promised he would call everyday and keep her with him every moment. It was going to be tough…nonetheless Ria and Ani had faith in each other.

Ani would call Ria everyday early in the morning and then in the evening. Ria would put Ani to sleep every night while they chatted on Skype for several hours every single evening. Ani sent her pictures of snowfall in Kansas and also made her see live snowfall  when the chatted on Skype. Above is a picture of the place where Ani was staying .Even if Ani was working , he would keep the skype on just so that Ria could see him all the time. It was a difficult but a definitive one month. In this month Ria and Ani realized they cannot do without each other. Ani came back and visited Ria for 4 days before flying to US again. This time he promised he will soon send her tickets. Ria too told Ani, she can no more stay without him.

10 days later Ani sent her air tickets to San Francisco. A couple of days later Ria quit her job. She cried because this job was dear to her and had played an important role to making her self reliant. Most of all, she had met Ani while on this job.

Ria flies to San Francisco after another 10 days. Her first international flight,on her own….but to be with her soulmate. And nothing else bothered her anymore. Ani was waiting for her at the airport and took her into his arms to welcoming her in the US and into his arms again. This time it was forever.

They are happy couple now….readying themselves for next phase of their lives.



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