Moments to Remember

Moments to remember Caught & shot by Ani

Moments to remember
Caught & shot by Ani

I would rather remember the happy moments of my life for they remain in the memories for good.For a long overhauled life, just thinking about good moments keeps you going! So a midst lots of happy and soul wrenching moments I have chosen these three to be my most memorable moments.

1. When I had my first born.It was the moment of my life…at 21 to be able to give birth to another life. I grew up with my first born. I must have experimented lot of stuff on her but I loved her more than my life.

2.When I got my my job.It was a self glorifying day. I had picked up a job after 27 long years on earth. I had borne 2 kids by then and I had realized it was time for some self reliance. A mere sum of a couple of thousands but it got me on my feet and gave me enough confidence to stand up for myself.

3.When I met Ani…my soulmate. It was a decade long loneliness but I had never lost hope. Hope of my knight in shinning armor.Life has been on a roll since then!


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