Our love nest , awaiting showers Caught & shot- A&R

Our Balcony ,awaiting showers
Caught & shot- A&R

The date strikes a memory. A memory which does not belong to Nina. But it still manages to haunts her.

It is the day when her boyfriend got married to his ex-wife. Its only been two years that she came to know the wedding date that was, she thought the day would affect her beau.  Two years back Nina happened to read the ex-wife’s blog where she bragged about the three times they were being married over 2 days. That’s when she knew the date ,  though it arrived, twice in her life, still it  bothered her in unknown ways.This second year, she waited to see if her boyfriend showed any remembrance of that most amazing time of their life that the ex-wife bragged about. Thankfully he didn’t. In fact he took Nina out for dinner and made passionate love to her twice that day!

Most of the times our fears are baseless. They creep up from within our deep rooted insecurities and fears which may have come and gone before we even realize. Nina was very insecure in the first year of this relationship when her boyfriend had disclosed that he was married and he will take time before getting out of it. May be some of her fears stem from the situation that she was in for a long year in 2011.

Nina need not bother about this insignificant day of her life, instead she wants to celebrate their dates in coming years. She has a reason, her guy is belongs to her now, completely and thoroughly, forever.

He does not seem to have any traces of his previous relation in his current life. In fact , Nina loves the fact that it was he who taught her to live in present. He says ” Past is gone, never to come back again, lets enjoy the present and dream for the future!”

Purple burst

Purple burst Caught and Shot – A&R


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