Million Dollar Question

Over the clouds... Caught and Shot- A&R

Over the clouds…
Caught and Shot- A&R

Why do I blog? Well here it is…

Until a couple of years back I didn’t have any idea what a blog was all about. I was busy making a career and was in an abusive relationship. Then after I found my peace, I happen to stumble upon a blog by a stranger (in more senses than one!) After getting a hang of checking her blogs whenever I got time, I realized that she is being creative, reaching out to friends and stranger readers, improving her writing skills as well as venting herself out in her blogs. It was certain that her decade long relation was almost over after her husband had left her for another woman. It felt painful to read her mind and heart but somewhere along the way I was making up my mind to create my own blog…

Over the clouds... Caught and Shot- A&R

Over the clouds…
Caught and Shot- A&R

Initially it was kind of a journal to keep the beautiful memories intact. The memories of a chance meeting with a stranger who became the most important person in my life. The vacations that we took to some exotic places.The fun times, dinning out,the gifts for each other, the separations, the worries, the dreams…the wonderful dreams that seemed to lay ahead ,in general.

Later I decided to record some of my poetry in my blog. So I made a new blog only for my poetry. Writing seemed healing in more ways that one. It was certainly honing my writing skills in addition to pouring out my heart out too.

There are sometimes events or circumstance in life  which leave us speechless. It may be a confusing situation or a time for a celebration. It may be an occasion when a new bond strikes with a friend or else meeting an old pal after several years. These are the times which cannot be expressed vocally and can be beautifully described in words. Its human nature to express thoughts and what better way to preserve your thoughts for ever which can be visited again over a period of time. When visited again , it may make you re-think about the trigger which led you to think that way or you may just outgrow from the way your thought process worked. It is all about thoughts, visions, dreams and hopes which I put up across in my blog and it creates passion for me to be positive about life, the changes, the constants and the love it all contains.




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