Kindness of A Stranger

Thoughtfulness Captured by Ani

Captured by Ani

It was a sultry evening in Delhi’s Terminal 3 at IGI airport. I somehow dragged my luggage and myself towards the airport metro station which takes 2 precise minutes to reach home. It was a long and tiring day.Boarding the fight from Jorhat was never easy, leaving Mom and dad behind….my heart always shatters into pieces. To see mom cry and dad wipe his tears away…Its been so many years….they have not stopped this ritual!

Before reaching Kolkata I realized, I was getting chills, so I asked the steward for a blanket. She said they dont supply blanket sin economy class.At the Kolkata airport I went straight to the counter and complained that they must arrange a blanket for me in my connecting flight. They refused point blank and when I insisted that I was dead sick….the guy at the counter aid he will try….needless to say I traveled to Delhi shivering….

Here I was standing in Metro station 21 waiting for Aditya to pick me up. I had somehow pulled my luggage near the gate and called Aditya that he will have to somehow bring the car near the entrance as I was sick and can no more walk. After a few minutes aditya called me that he was not allowed to drive beyond the main road and at the most he can take the car to the parking lot which was further away.

As I was standing there, a girl approached me and asked me if she could help me by pulling my luggage till the car.I assumed she may have heard my conversation with Aditya.Before I could say anything she puled my large suitcase and started moving towards the exit. I was no no state to refuse the help with my limbs shaking and head spinning! Aditya arrived in a few minutes and I asked her if we can drop her anywhere, she smiled and said thanks as she was waiting for someone.

Even though this act of random kindness was small nonetheless it meant a huge deal for me. I could not have ever carried that stuff on my own. I was left wondering if everyone was so thoughtful in their day today lives….the world would be a better place to live.

That day I decided, no matter what, I will help people in distress. I will go that extra mile and keep the fire of faith and goodwill burning.


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