The Proposal

Love Nest ( Captured by A&R)

Its been their third year together. The years no doubt have flown fast and left us some awesome memories too. Both of them have gone through bad marriages so it was obvious that they didn’t talk about marriage so often. As a woman, Ria did get anxiety during the initial stage and used to ask Rohan if  we would ever get married …he always replied in positive. One fine day a dreading though came to her mind….what if he proposes me marriage one day? what is she gonna answer? Is she ready for yet another marriage ? How will she ensure its abuse-free? Who will tell she if it will for keeps? there were a thousand questions and she didn’t know a single answer. Hence she decided that she will never talk about marriage again. Surprisingly for a long toime, neither did he. They went on with their content life together and loved each other thoroughly and it only came so naturally.

So its the third year and they were discussing the divorce finals of their previous marriages and changes in Ria’s the passport, then it was discussions about the spouse visa that she will have to apply so that she can travel with him. This was a usual discussion everytime they were planning our future. But this time it was something unique. While deep into the conversation , Rohan said very casually, ” once the divorce decree comes we will go and get the marriage registered.”  Ria was shocked and could not believe that Rohan just proposed….but she didn’t express her excitementit….lest she would make him conscious! Rohan went on to say…how ,when and where… My god…this was the moment Ria had been waiting for all these years and it came and went by so fast…she was amazed!

The next couple of hours were spent in deciding who will be the witnesses and wen to get hold of all the document. Ria called a lawyer friend of hers and he gave some suggestions.

So thats how it is….they shall be tied into the holy knot in a months from now ! As the say….”Till death do us apart!”

As they look forward for a peaceful, happy and healthy life together, they also plan to have at least one kid together. That is the next goal….hope and pray , the dreams turn into reality soon. meanwhile, Ria wants to soak up in the glory of the Proposal…!

Cheers for love!



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