A Rose is a Rose... Captured by A & R

A Rose is a Rose…
Captured by A & R

Leonard Cohen, gets closer to the heart of things: “Forget your perfect offering/There’s a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” This isn’t merely “accepting” imperfection, the imperfection is the point.

We all make mistakes. It’s life’s way of teaching lessons. There are no right or wrong decisions, there are only decisions made on the choices we make, and sometimes it’s the wrong choice. Instead of telling yourself how bad you’ve been, we must try to change the thought process to “Wow! That was good lesson.  Next time I’ll do it differently.”

Highway 1 Captured by A & R

Highway 1
Captured by A & R

There is art in imperfection. The Japanese call it the Wabi Sabi. To discover Wabi-Sabi is to see the beauty in something that may look like a mistake. Like a Tea saucer with a bit of uneven edge on it. Wabi-Sabi reminds us that we are all transient beings. That our bodies, as well as the material world around us, are in the process of returning to dust.

Sometimes we are late in meeting the deadlines, we give in to our food cravings, we go to our ex’s FaceBook page, take that undue time off from the gym routine, take that undue favor from the boss or a friend…sometimes we take clandestine operations to know know a secret or to take revenge on an ex who has hurt us badly!

Indifferent Blooms Captured by A & R

Indifferent Blooms
Captured by A & R

So whats the big deal? let’s allow ourselves to loosen a bit and wear our whims on our arms with pride and delight. Its always better to be flawed than to be boring.We all are different and perfection so to speak is a relative term.There is no absolute perfection. Even nature does not believe in it and we get to visualize this in a patch of cloud , a pretty rose, an uneven mountain or a gurgling stream!

Imperfections in a thing, person or place gives character to them. Without imperfection we would all be same and it would not be a good idea!

Sunset from balcony Captured by A & R

Sunset from balcony
Captured by A & R


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