The Glass

Beer @ SF Captured by Ani

Beer @ SF
Captured by Ani

The misery of life is to look at the glass as half empty. We all do it at sometime or other.The trick for happiness is to look at it positively. Its always better to have something than to have nothing at all. Its like complaining about my shoes until I came across a shoe-less man!

We fail to see, recognize and indulge and enjoy the things and people those are at our disposal. We crave for more and more and dream for uncertain things ,ignoring the present moment.

I hate to admit that all my life, I was a pessimist. It was after several decades that I realized the power of positive thinking. Thinking positively is a way of life.

Positive thinking is a perceptive power that aids in developing an attitude of optimism. It is powerful because it increases individuals’ coping abilities and helps to overcome traumatic situations of life.  Practicing consistent positive thinking has also been found to decrease levels of stress which in turn helps increase joys  and thereby increasing life spans.
All we need to do is train our minds to see a bright outlook for a situation. Some of the tools may be:

  • Approaching unpleasant situations in a constructive, present way
  • Practicing positive self-talk
  • Visualizing a positive outcome to a situation
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
Red Wine at Napa

Captured by A & R

The last time I thought negatively about something ,it felt as terrible as if the world is coming to an end. it lead me to spend several days under depression and agony. It drained me out and then i realized ,what the heck!” I was worried about things – small,big ,medium ….just about everything and it prevented me from enjoying the present moment.  Then I tried working on it and read some stuff  over a period of time.Some of the tools that may help fight negative thoughts may be:

  • Becoming aware of pessimistic thoughts and replacing them with positve ones
  • Practicing persistence; if the negative thoughts come back again, replace them with positive thoughts again.
  • Learning how to live in the moment
  • Realize, the present is the only reality that you need to deal with

When I look back at my life, most of the things I worried about never actually happened.

Cheers to positive thinking, it made one hell of a difference in my life.

Birthday Jan 1st Captured by Ani

Birthday Jan 1st
Captured by Ani


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