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Our Favorite Drive Captured by A & R

It was early breezy but sunny Saturday morning. We were going for road trip along the sea.I was all excited about it through the week and packed some nice lunch and snacks to nibble through the drive. We had recently acquired a Cadillac for ourselves and it was a dream to go on a long drive on it.

As we jumped on the Route 92 towards Half Moon Bay, we could see the clouds from last evening were still scattered on the sky. Ani had always loved this drive and when we had nothing planned on a weekend , his car would almost always steered on this route.Perhaps because o this highway we broke away from regular traffic in just about 10 minutes and driving was less strenuous, or perhaps the heavenly view of Crystal Reservoir fascinated him. Or may be he yearned for the glimpse of  Highway 1 along the sea ! There were corn fields, pine forests, country cottages, farmers shops and lots of woods along the road. The road danced away between the hilly forest before finally hitting Highway 1 at the coast.

2   DSC08336

It was once such trips down Route 92 that I got to watch some very beautiful all american houses along the road.The specialty of them being the garage. Unlike in our place , it is used to store unused things of the house. We stopped to have a short trek on the hill as planned. It also was our lunch break. As we climbed up on the road up towards the hill, I was carefully watching the houses lined up across both the sides of the road. Each one has a garage, a sit out , a small garden or a mowed lawn and lots of flowering shrubs.

4 (1)    4 (2)   5    6

Almost all the houses had their garages closed. Suddenly I saw one beautiful pink colored house which had its garage wide open.I saw a bicycle was hanging from the wall. It looked quite familiar…blue in color with brake wires hanging down the handle. I stood there dazed as I was being transported back to my childhood…

Dad had brought me a brand new blue Jet when I went to grade five.h He saw me being very passionate about cycling so much so that even in grade two , I used to ride Mom’s bicycle to school sometimes.Lot of hard work went on to convince mom to ride there bicycle for a distance of more than 5 kms and then back home. Dad saw this passion and unlike other kids of the campus who would get it much later in their lives, Dad got this cycle for me when I was all of 9 years. I was thrilled and showed off my cycle to everyone in the neighborhood. I would ride it to school and lock it carefully lest someone rides it. I would take it to the playground in the evenings. Sometimes I would give a ride to my friends and even take two of them to the playground. Brother being younger, too enjoyed these joyrides with me. Bicycle basically made me independent for traveling. I was on my own when it came to the matter of going to one place from another. Dad begun the process of making me independent very early in my life.I had my prized possession till I finished my high school years. Though by 10th grade dad had graduated me to a moped. It was to save time for studies and to cause me less strain. But I always yearned for my cycle and made sure to ride a bit in the evenings to visit friends or to run an errand. My bicycle taught me to be independent, self reliant and help others at the time of their need. It also took me to places in nature where I could not have gone on foot. Distances to friends houses were never a matter of concern with my bicycle at my disposal. If I was feeling sick at school I could ride back home without waiting for anyone to pick me up. I used to make lots of trips to Mom because I loved seeing her at work.I  Whenever I was upset, I would just go on a unplanned ride across the campus.The trips for candies and ice-cream would not have been shorter and sweeter without my bicycle. Memories of childhood, memories of friends, rides into the nature for berries,memories of making new friends, memories of thousands of school trips…memories which cannot be brought back but nonetheless memories which made my childhood special.

As Ani pulled my arm , I realized I had been to my childhood on my bicycle. I smiled and took a giant step towards him and moved away from the house. I took a quick glance back to look at the bicycle hanging on the garage wall one last time before closing my eyes…

Only if memories were on a sale in this garage , I would have purchased my bicycle to keep it with me forever…

I stole a last glimpse from that garage that morning and kept the memories of my childhood companion forever in my mind and heart.

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