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Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

It was a breezy October evening  when I landed in Hyderabad with bag and baggage. Though Ani was guiding me the ways and means of the city from the U.S. but I was kinda still lost in a new city. In no longer than 3 days, the house was cleaned up and my kitchen was operational. Ani kept informing me about the weather, people,culture and local food of the place. I had come to Hyderabad before but never stayed there for more than 10 days at a stretch. I had visited a lot of other cities down south for a similar period of time so in my mind I always had a notion that all cities down south would bear similarities in terms of culture,food,weather etc.

Hyderabad seemed a bit chilled out in terms of temperament, weather and food too.In my previous trips to Hyderabad which were mainly to visit Ani, he had taken me around as much as was possible. His love for tasting various cuisines had percolated down to me in last 3 years. Hyderabad has a sizable amount of IT professionals from all around the country and it can boast of some expats too. It also has a rich history of Muslim community and a rich Nizam heritage. Given all these variance of people and culture , there was a variety of food available besides traditional Andhra cuisine.

It was traditional south Indian to begin with in a popular restaurant called Chutneys at Punjagutta. It was an amazing experience with that royal spread of chutneys! The next delicacy was of course hyderabadi Biryani. Different from its north Indian cousin, this biryani is delectable. I had it in the best place of Hyderabad- The Bawarchi at RTC Crossroads.

Then it was time to try some Italian. Ani took me to the best place in town for my birthday, Viva Italia in Banjara Hills. Though the taste was not very Italian nonetheless with the decor and spreads available , it seemed probably one of the best in Hyderabad. A few months later I also took a bite in Mocha, my favorite Italian Restaurant. generally speaking Hyderabad seems to be a foodie’s delight. Oh yes not to forget the North Indian delicacies in and around Madhapur.From Muglai to Chinese to South Indian joints….it caters for every taste for the varied culture it absorbs in the city.

So here is to some more wonderful local cuisines in Hyderabad in the coming times!



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