Pigeon Point Captured by A & R

Pigeon Point
Captured by A & R

Decisions are always meant to be made by believing in your gut feeling, at least for me. My heart has always had a say in all the matters of my life. Even before I realize whats going on, my heart seems to have made up its mind. It coolly tells me….which way to go dear! And somehow I have always ended up listening to it and going by my instincts.

It took a long time before this inner voice became active and started telling me things and hence making my life easier. Until I was in my 20’s I used to rely upon mom and dad for their sound advice on just about everything. Things went awry in the marriage which was arranged by my parents when I was all of 20. I realized that I had been not been listening to my heart all this while. It dawned upon me that I only have to do one thing in life- go by my instincts.


We all make mistakes in our lives. Its only when life goes out of control that we get in retrospection and consciously invent the formula to live, happily. Some take a few years to realize the power of their own heart some take a lifetime , depending upon the way their life is genetically and socially influenced. It really does not matter how many years we have lost, because once you choose the direction at the crossroads, you eventually lead a better life. One, because you follow your instincts hence pull in happiness for yourself. Two, since you do not depend upon others or listen to your logical brain giving you some inconsequential argument about what would happen if you do this or that, you are happy listening to your heart because it tells you what to do to make it happy. So you just are happy in the current moment without thinking about the ill -effects of the decision you are making.


Its been almost a decade now that I listen only to my heart. Yes I do lose out sometimes but without any regrets. I trust my heart to make decisions for me and I simply go with the first thing my heart tugs in!

I also suggest my friends to go by what their heart and really not listening to any non-sense from any other source even if its their own head.

Life will be on a roll….just take a moment, listen to what your heart is saying and go by it!

One Love- Beach @ Santa Cruz Captured by A & R

One Love- Beach @ Santa Cruz
Captured by A & R





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