If only she knew…

She was sitting at what was once their favorite restaurant in the city and was flooded with the memories of the past.
Though she was there with her friends ,but it felt like she was all alone surrounded by the ghosts of her past.
She avoided coming to this place last 3 years. Initially because he was away on work and then because he stopped all correspondence with her giving her all the indications that it was over. The only link left was, when he returned home to his mother ,she would also be there hoping, he would give way, melt or succumb to her charms, again. None of her efforts worked , even when he returned to their city home after finishing the project at Delhi. In the last year, she ran back at least twice to their house, which was their home for a year prior to their marriage and subsequently the chaos in their lives. She remembers, he used to be totally indifferent during these short trips she made just to be with him while she pursued her studies in a different city. Whatever was the reason for his drifting away from her, she could never comprehend and understand it at that time. She always thought it was one of his regular temper tantrums which would settle down soon. She did not realize that three long years passed and that it was going to be forever this time. During one such stays at their city home, he did ask her ,”I need some time”….but that time never ended and he never came back to her.
As she tried holding back all the memories, his smiling face with dimples kept coming back in front of her eyes.
She wondered… what happened to the everlasting love she always claimed they had. How could he just tore away from her, how could he just throw away the love he had confessed some 10 years back, how could he love someone else in his lifetime. For it was he who had pursued her 10 years back. Initially dismissing him off she had got back to him with a “yes” after 18 months or so.
She did not know that she was trapped in her own dream world ever since they married. She thought he was crazy for her and would remain so forever. How foolish was she not to know that it takes understanding, maturity and respect to be able to love someone in its true sense. How childish she was not to know the ways and means to handle this guy. How idiotic of her, to abuse this guy time and again during their marriage. This guy who once fell for her, overlooking her short,stout and below average appearance…. had left her in a flash of a second!
Now she realized that she never even tried to understand him and had been always taking him for granted.
I was indeed selfish of her to demand his love without giving him any returns…
She  now knew it was her mistake all the way.
Only if she knew it then, she wouldn’t have had to see her love smiling jovially in the arms of someone else in that picture she discovered on social media while he was away in US.
Only if she knew it then ….she would have had a chance to give it a chance.
It was too late now….he was happy with the new woman in his life and had blissfully forgotten those 10 rotten years of his life.
Better late than never. Happiness is something everyone deserved….thought she.
So she let him go…finally, to have his own world with his own girl.

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