Half Moon Bay, Tranquility and Him

1  IMG_1419

Every time we turned onto route 92, I could see an eternal calm on his face. What was it that turned him towards this route by the lake, around the hills towards the pacific onto highway 1….I used to wonder! The highway 1, they say is the one of the most scenic place on earth. Indeed it was…so whenever we took that drive I would get busy with my camera, never thinking about how he really felt that he took this turn every second weekend ! No when I look back at the memories….and at the pictures I had taken , I realize he was probably trying to soak it up all…since it never seemed to be enough! It was a beautiful drive beginning with some winding turns up and down on the road we left the city.

Then came the breath-taking view of Crystal Springs Reservoir. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a calm and serene.


Crystal springs

Crystal springs



Facing the lake we can see some heavenly clouds, crystal clear skies and the emerald blue waters. After passing through the lake  first we cross some woods on the way and some country houses which are mainly because of the crops they grow on the foothills. People have set up farming equipment there and busy farming veggies, pines trees,fruits etcThen there is a kids park which has got small rides. Parents could be seen here with their kids eager for the rides.A couple of make shift vegetable and fruit shops and some small stores cater for the passing by travelers. Once this rustic scenery is over, we carry on towards our destination , Half Moon Bay.

IMG_1524      IMG_1521

The hillside road ends on a junctions and opens up on both sides,one towards Half Moon Bay wharf and other towards some neighborhood communities on Highway 1. We have enjoyed seeing both the sides, including once getting down a cliff to a beach which was kind of deserted and windy.

IMG_1519  IMG_1491

Half Moon Bay reminds me of that sumptuous supper of fish and chips we had and washed it down with a Cranberry crush. There were some farms nearby and a Fishermen Wharf. Enjoyed watching the seagulls in flights and the fishing boats neatly parked after a day’s hard work.

IMG_1449  IMG_1450

These trips were heavenly because here nature has been preserved with utmost care. Pollution, chaotic crowd and commercial extravagance does not exist in this place.

IMG_1505  IMG_1443

So, now I know why we took that Route 92 every weekend…!



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