Summer of love- 2014

Summer officially Captured by A & R

Summer officially
Captured by A & R

“I love you honey” ,

“Hmm love you baby”…

It was always Ria who initiated the sweet nothings….but Rahul always replied it with a sweeter nothing! Does it really matter who says it first. Its more important that they acknowledge your declaration and confirm it with a yes and that makes it worthwhile! Rahul has always been a quiet  computer nerdy guy. Its not that he is not passionate about things, places, happenings or love….its just that he would not express it like the way Ria does. She would conclude ,men need not behave in a similar fashion.

She would also pay attention to Rahul’s actions. Like those several phone calls he would make while at work from office, especially to check if she has eaten, inquiring where is she and what is it that she is doing, if she is not sitting with him on the couch while he is working, holding her into a tight hug from back while she is at the kitchen counter, scrubbing her back while showering and giving her relaxing weekend massages, finding a quick solution to her issues if she is stuck with something at work or otherwise….

Ria happily takes these clues from Rahul everyday and promises to love him more than ever.

Some people may not conform to being idealists but its always wise to know them from their point of view. Life is a sweet thing when you look through it with a rose-tinted glass mirror !

Cheers to life, love and happiness. All within you, emanates from you and makes it joyous for everyone around you!


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