The Wedding

A wedding dress spotted at Alameda

A wedding dress spotted at Alameda

Even before they realized, the dates are finalized. They could never plan it because of the circumstances.The wait for divorces to come through, the wait for stipulated period of time to get remarried, then the wait for decrees….all of that was really stressful. Sometimes so much that they ended up arguing and not talking to each other for hours together…then they would realize the fault of circumstances not letting them plan anything and hence the frustration. A simple hug would mend all misunderstandings.

But now everything was sorted out. Next Sunday after 8 days from today, that auspicious day will arrive. The day for which they had pinned for almost 3 years. It seemed like eternity…..nonetheless the fruits of patience and love was going to be sweet!

In 3 days time they had finalized the wedding venue, the wedding dresses, the jewelry, the flowers, the guests and the registration processes. The wedding will be a simple temple one followed by court formalities. The night shall be at the favorite place, The Marriot which had played a huge role in their destiny.

And then a paid honeymoon….to US of A ! They were so in love that nothing and nobody seemed to matter anymore. Everything was falling into place. The dream was finally taking a shape and coming true…

Time and circumstances had indeed taken a toll on both of them but all is well that ends well.

Hold onto your dreams….they will come true!


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