A New Arrival

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

It was 3 years that Ria and Rahul were together. Several times they had talked about starting a family together. Ria was more keen for it because Rahul always was a hardworking busy guy. She asked him how important it was for him to start a family of his own. He would say, there is no urgency and that even if they don’t have a kid, he is fine.If required they can think about it later and go for adoption too. Ria wanted to give herself a chance on motherhood. She thought , nothing can beat having a kid together…it would be the best gift she could give it to him. Rahul seemed to be more worried about the responsibilities and other things which may come with the baby.

But then, he succumbed! Ria told him she wanted to give it a chance this year. It was the summer of 2014 that they conceived the baby. The perfectionist that Rahul is, he is busy taking care of Ria : Mom-to-be of his child! He is a changed person now and takes out time to talk to his baby too!

Ria is happy that she talked him into this….as she can see him happy too , looking forward for the arrival of their own child into this world!

There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved or turned around. Ria says…

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!


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