All things Mallu…

  1. Banana & Tapioca chips
  2. Hostel mates at AAU
  3. Elsa kutty’s fish pickles
  4. That yuk thing in fridge from August 2012…(Payasam…??)
  5. Puttu in school tiffins
  6. Chicken stew in coconut gravy with appam (Yes I made it!)
  7. Naom’s first love
  8. Her subsequent obsessions with Mallu guys
  9. Best friends
  10. Teachers
  11. Loud but Non-understandable
  12. Madrasi (Mallu) kirana shop at Rowriah
  13. That Mallu tea point at Red Fort
  14. Runny Coconut chutney
  15. Intelligence & fiercely competitive attitude
  16. Soft dosas by Rajashree’s mom
  17. Rani’s exceptional style quotient and beauty
  18. Bigger that normal eyes
  19. Never ending fat on Mallu women
  20. Bee stung lips by default
  21. Ernakulam trip in December 2013
  22. Backwaters of Alleppey
  23. Obsession for Gold
  24. Vidya Balan
  25. That woman who screwed up Andy’s life
  26. Egg and fish masalas
  27. Ultra curly hair
  28. Lack of fashion sense in general
  29. Lack of knowledge of all things North Indian
  30. Gratitude for inspiring me to become a blogger!

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