The Dress

Pic courtesy- Internet

Pic courtesy- Internet

What color should it be? White, red or some rare color?

Traditionally red is the color for Indians, more specifically Hindus. But the state that I come from is an exception and it has an off-white silk Saree worn as an wedding dress. This was unlike most of the other states of the country till some years ago. Now, the off-white has been replaced by other colors too which shows that the society is changing or rather willing to change the stereotypes. I was wondering what color would be unique- a fuschia pink or a powder blue?  A deep green or an flaming orange? Didn’t want to go with lilacs and purples or yellows.

So there I was hunting for my wedding dress all over the place….online, exclusive wedding stores and other places in the town. There were a platter of colors ,designs and materials available to explore. And then I settled for a Rohit Bal designer bridal dress. It was not as costly as a regular Rohit’s design would have been because of some sale happening that week. The sheer net dress finally reached home, I was ecstatic ! Damper it was when I wore it. The color Orange didn’t suit my complexion at all. It was supposed to make me shine bright but it did otherwise! Rejecting it immediately, I called the store people and put the return orders. I was disheartened ….on the choice of my color and substance.

Another day and my hunt for the dress began, after dropping Ani at his exam center, I drove to the poshest locality of the city. I had some some exquisite showrooms here. why not just check out some costly stuff….after all this is gonna be my day! Hopping from shop to shop in next four hours I zeroed in on some dresses. Surprisingly all of them happened to be in color red, except one which was in fuschia pink. Even more surprising was the fact that all of them came under my budget for the dress!

While picking up Ani,  told him, he has to choose one of those. He said, “it should be of your choice, whatever you want is fine with me”. But I still wanted him to choose it for me. A perfectionist that he is, while going through all the selected dresses,he chose the one which was kept separately and had an astounding presence. I tried all of the selected dresses but finally settled on the chosen one by Ani.

Red and Gold it was. Red symbolizing energy, passion and love. Gold depicting triumph, sophistication and elegance.

Conventional me….may be yes!


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