Three Years Anniversary

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Three years…

It was the 3rd day of September 2011, when a distraught Ria had finally decided to meet this guy who was a stranger back then. Since they got acquainted a couple of months back , he had been coaxing her to have coffee with him. She had been putting it off on the pretext of something  or other. It did’nt seem to be okay to see someone who was a complete stranger and from another city. Though she had been trying to know everything about him over their daily phone calls, late night conversation on chats and messages, but it was long before she was be convinced about that coffee invite.

“Afternoon cup of tea”, she said.

” Come and have lunch with me…” , He offered.

“Hmmm…okay, but I will have to rush back home early “, she said.

“I will drop you home”, he offered.

And as they say….rest is history!

It was a hot and sultry afternoon of the capital when she took an off from work to catch the metro straight to the place he stayed in. He kept in touch on that entire journey of 40 minutes and called before she had to change her metro.After a few confusions at the meeting point, finally they saw each other under a tree just outside the metro stairs. He was a simple and cute looking guy. A bit nervous but containing himself altogether! Of course they enjoyed that lunch together and ever other day that was spent thereafter. She would come down rushing to see him everyday and after spending a few hours together he would drop her back home everyday. It became a routine until they decided that she could probably stay with him over the weekends. The bond developed into a tight one and they became inseparable after only a couple of months.

Its been exactly three years hence.  There were loads of ups and downs in their lives due to their previous engagements  with different people but they remained together each day and each night- mentally, emotionally and physically. They are going strong and are planning a simple wedding soon!

Time to celebrate the 3rd anniversary and togetherness. Cheers!



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