Movie Review- Mary Kom

Mary Kom- The movie

Mary Kom- The movie

Bas khud ki sunta batein….Dil yeh ZIDDI hai….Mary Kom – Mainstream Bollywood producing a biopic on a living active legend from North East is a milestone in itself and Priyanka Chopra leaves no stone un-turned in making it a success it deserves.With Priyanka Chopra in her elements, it could not have gone wrong anyways. Her mighty performance has the power to hold the audience till the climax of the film.
Mary Kom shows strong and weak moments of being a girl in our country, even as Manipur as a state encourages its youth and produces world class sports talent year after year.
Its Mary’s journey from an humble beginning as the eldest daughter of a rice farmer to a state level boxer to eventually becoming the World Champion. A feisty , quick tempered yet emotional girl right from her school days, Mary is shown picking up fights whenever her ego is hurt.
Mary Kom wins 3 World Championships and then decides to get married to Onler, her beloved of 4 years while being at the top of her career. Its heart breaking to see how she misses her boxing career which she had nurtured, sacrificing everything in her life including her father. After having twins and a career break, with Onler’s encouragement, she returns to the ring and wins another 2 World Championships, which goes on to prove that if you determine to achieve something with grit and passion, nothing can stop you from getting it.
Losers sitting at Boxing Federation are shown the exact contribution they make to the sport and to the country in general.
The film goes on to inspire young generation sportsmen to overcome their hurdles in life and reach the zenith. I wish I could see a bit more of picturesque Manipur, nonetheless a Bollywood movie with a female protagonist from Northeast quite made up for it !

Verdict- A MUST WATCH. An excellent break from regular masala flicks Bollywood wastes money and talent on.

Mary Kom & PC

Mary Kom & PC



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