Home is where the Heart is

Home Sweet Home (Caught & Shot- A & R)

Home Sweet Home
(Caught & Shot- A & R)

Year 2012. August.

As Ria stepped out of RGIA, her eyes were searching for him. He was waiting to pick her up just outside the visitor’s lounge at the airport. This was her first visit to him and third to the city. As they hugged each other , he said ,” baby…see you are in hyderabad….!” His voice was full of love and admiration for her strength and passion.

As they got into the cab towards the the city Ria was wondering if he is going to put her up in a hotel or would he have enough courage to take her to his home. For he was still married to his (now ex)wife. It was about an hour before she could guess that he is indeed taking her to his place. She was happy for this was one of the big milestones for him. He was reeling under so much stress about how to reveal his thoughts on breaking up his marriage to his wife of 3 years with whom he could stay only for a year and a half. Ria was more than happy to see his courage and determination to keep her with him. It was a small battle in the big picture nonetheless he had won it!

Upon entering the gates of the premises, Ria closely examined that it was a decent locality in a neat suburb. Would she ever be living here with him? Will it ever become their home? It was a dream she had seen , that was happening in real already. She held onto her thoughts and prayed hard as she entered inside his house. A warm hug again and he made her more comfortable .

After resting for a while , she made a trip around the house.It was a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 beautiful balconies opening up on two different sides of the building. In the other room, there lay a picture of their wedding with 2 different gods. Ironically , the relationship needed empathy, compatibility, mutual respect and love instead of physical layout of gods and wedding pictures. Ria wrapped up the wedding picture frame and put it inside a carton. She mentioned it to him and he was fine with it. She also removed the picture of the other god. Seemed a little silly but it was okay she thought. You don’t need several gods to have peace of mind, you need clarity of mind and love to sustain a relationship for life.

During the next 10 days, Ria cleaned up the kitchen, steered up the mess in the house and cooked several meals for them. He was happy and that reflected on his behavior. He took an off from work for these days and took her out to several famous joints in the city.

All this while staying here, Ria felt like it was her home.  All things felt familiar. The bed, the bath, the living room, the kitchen, the balconies….all seemed her own, She felt like she had been living here since ages…! How could this be? This was the first time she had stepped onto this house ! Then Ria realized, it was her heart that instantly felt a belonging to this house and she had always listened to her heart! Her love-lorn  heart screamed, ” Im happy….this is where I belong to….” Someone rightly said, “Home is where the heart is”. That your true home is with the person you love the most. But here for Ria , it was a home both in real and in cliched terms.

Year 2014, September

Two years hence , they are married and living the lives of their dreams. When Ria looks back at the past, it seems her heart always knew what was in store for her. They are happy and content and look forward for weaving more beautiful dreams together in this house where there hearts belong!

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