Movie Review- Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny:

Quirky and unconventional , “Finding Fanny” is quite a bohemian moment for Bollywood. Revolving around a road trip, the movie is essentially a journey into the lives of the 5 pleasant characters.
Dimple plays the character of a self-obsessed , egoistic widow who hides a soft heart under her resilient exterior. Acting giants Pankaj Kapoor and Nasseeruddin are delightful as they portray the roles of an eccentric artist and a love-lorn, timid and old fashioned guy respectively.These people take the road trip to find “Fanny”- Nasser’s lost love and instead end up stumbling upon their own selves.
Deepika and Arjun play their parts just about convincingly but lack brilliance.
The plot is weak but the simplicity of the movie makes up for it.

The film is well shot with nice Goan background music. The movie breaks the stereotype cinema and goes on to carve its own niche. Everyone will have something to take back from the movie with the underlying message,
“Go for your passion”….whether you are an artist, or a love-lorn Romeo,or just a kind-hearted soul intending to lend a shoulder to anyone who has a broken heart.
“You just have to go for it….!”

Verdict- Subtle and sublime, the movie is to be understood from your perspective of life. If you are not a regular Masala-Karan Johar-Action packed-commercial movie buff….go for it!


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