House no. 6

House no. 6

House no. 6

A house is made up of bricks and woods. It needs love and affection to make it a home. House no.6 was one such home of Rosie and Andy. Set among st serene locality and surrounded by huge trees with chirping birds around. Occasionally I could hear afternoon calls of some crows too!

Right from the airport till they reached the house ,Rosie was astonished at the beauty of the country. It was her dream to see this country and Andy had made it come true. After a 30 minute drive up and down flyovers via US-101 north and driving through San Bruno, Millbrae and Burlingame they reached their destination. Andy dropped her at the reception and went to unload the baggage from the car. Her name was then registered as a resident of the complex and their she was….watching the open skies, the trees, the birds and the house that awaited her. House no.6 would be their haven for atleast next 6 months.

As Rosie stepped climbed onto the stairs of the house she was thrilled and excited.A warm room waited for her which included a living room with a huge couch and a study corner. A kitchenette with all facilities like washer and a huge refrigerator. The bedroom was awesome with beautiful paintings on the walls and lamps which shed light on the bed and adjoining areas quite appropriately.

A quick lunch of paratha’s and palak paneer waited for her on the kitchen table. After a quick lunch ,Andy rushed back to work after briefing her about the house amongst other things. He would be back only at 6 pm now. Rosie tried taking a nap but could not as she was too excited to be in her dream country with her man of dreams. It was all there in real….she pinched herself and settled herself into the couch to switched on the tv.

Next few weeks and months would contain lot of outings, treks, dinning out trying world cuisines, picnics at hill tops, movies, pub hopping and visits to clubhouse for swimming and gymming every weekday evenings. But most of her daytime would be spent in this house no. 6.  In the afternoons Rosie would go out for walks inside the campus watching the flowers and squirrels. She would sometime visit the nearby coffee shop and spend her evening besides a lake watching the birds and ducks in the water. Sometimes Andy would join her for that coffee and make it even a more lovely evening. But she would rush back to the comfort of the house which had slowly become their home. It was cozy, comfortable and warm. Before they could realize it inspired both Rosie and Andy to dream of living together rest of their lives.

A year and a half later Rosie and Andy have their own nest. They thank House no. 6 for all that it taught them. To be together always, to share, to love and respect each other , to enjoy each and every moment of life and to stand by your partner no matter what….to be precise.


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