In search of Love... Caught & Shot- A & R

In search of Love…
Caught & Shot- A & R

Being a man is a tough job. You are supposed to show everyone that you won’t break, you won’t falter and you won’t ditch.

Andy had to hide his emotions lest he is ridiculed or humiliated. He chose to be quiet during his one year ordeal and never missed a chance to stay out of the house. It was the most difficult year of his life. This was their first year of marriage which he had always looked forward to since last 7 years or say 5 years to be precise. Initial 2 years of their knowing each other he never thought of her as his future girl. The marriage, he thought would make things easier for them as a couple and let settle them down at one place. Since last 7 years of knowing each other, initial 5 years they had been living apart in different cities.

Now after 3 years of that eventful and fateful day of his life, he has forgotten the entire hullabaloo around it. After a chance meeting on an internet chat room, they had been in touch. Initially they chatted once in a week later it would become more frequent. Internet cafe was the only resource for their communication and it was tough going to one after the college classes were over. His other friends would have their share of girls and he would feel isolated and left alone at times. Chatting with her quite made up for it. After 2 years being in touch online he thought may be this was the girl. He was 24 , just out of Engineering college and off to a job in a state further north. he proposed , she point blank rejected. He was left shell-shocked, as through her chats she seemed to be enjoying his attention. Girls never know their mind and are always confused, he realized. It was a waste of time and energy, he concluded. He conveniently forgot her for next almost 2 years while he got busy at his first job. New people, new place, new surroundings and new friends made up for his free evenings. He enjoyed trying new cuisines and sometimes chatting with random people on internet.

Andy had almost forgot her when one fine day suddenly out of the blue he received a mail from her. She wanted to start the friendship again. “I thought over it and realized I too am in love with you and you are the one for me.” she had said. His mind was clouded with thoughts now. How can someone get back after 2 years of thinking, what has she been thinking….he wondered. Anyways he said okay and that he will give it a try. It was not long before that they started chatting and bonded again. Next three years of courtship were mostly through emails and chats and an occasional call on the weekend. After 2 years on the job Andy decide to do his MBA. Mumbai was his favorite city , he had spent his college days here.  Andy was back here in a prestigious campus of the country to finish his Masters. She was still in another city and had started working as she finished her studies.

After 3 years of online courtship and finishing his Masters, Andy took up a job in her city. It was a conscious decision on his part as the relationship was going no where due to long distance courtship and Andy wanted to give it as serious try.  Andy always believed in giving 100% in whatever he took up for himself. This time it was a relationship and he wanted to know if there was a lag from his side for not feeling fulfilled. As Andy  reached her city and joined his new work, he felt a certain relief.

Andy was not comfortable staying in a rented place as he had to share his house with room mates. That made him shift his house 3 times in a year and finally it was a good locality with public transport system to his workplace. They kept meeting on weekends to have dinners or coffee. Andy was getting to know her. She seemed to be an independent-minded spoilt brat who would hardly listen to what he had to say. She grew up doing her own things without knowing what it takes to be with another person especially in a relationship. To Andy she seemed like a totally different person than what she was on their email conversation in last 5 years. But Andy could not gather if he was wholly correct or was just making a hasty opinion. He thought to give the relationship some more time to grow lest he breaks it up by his hasty fore-sightedness.

2 more years flew by. She had informed her folks by now about him. He too had informed at his place. The parents seemed not to agree due to caste and religious differences but they decided to go ahead. After a while , Andy visited her place, her parents agreed to their only daughter’s demand. “him or no one” , she had said. Before they realized it was year 2009 and they had got married in a hurry. Andy had changed his job from her city to the same place where he worked in his first job. This place was better than her city, he had realized. After the marriage they continued staying apart in different cities until a few months when Andy joined back another job at Mumbai again. He asked her to join her there. They began by taking up a good 2 bedroom apartment on rent. Life was cozy for her as she had left her job and had become a full time homemaker. This was year beginning the year 2010.

Slowly and steadily the cracks in the relationship started to appear. Andy had a demanding job and he would not be back home before 11 pm. It stressed him out and he more often than not, took it out on her. She too got frustrated of loneliness and his bickering at the end of the day when he was back from work. The incompatibility started to show its ugly face. Andy would not get dinner as she would be too busy studying for some entrance exam or because she would be busy watching movies for her blog or meeting her friends. Every other day they would order food from outside and this made Andy even more unhappy. He always liked home made food and this was time after working in different cities, that he would want to eat home made food. Coming from a different cultural background, she would prepare some strange dishes every now and then and Andy would again have to resort to outside catering.

One year had passed by and this was beginning of the year 2011, Andy was dissatisfied with her, the circumstances and overall the marriage. He knew he had made a wrong decision and that he should have listened to his heart years before when he had taken that new job at her place. She too was frustrated and made a couple of trips to her parents place to relieve herself of the agonies. In her absence Andy started making new friends on internet. He realized talking to strangers was a better option than talking to her. She was loud, quarrelsome and irritating most of times. She never took him seriously and did her own thing. Andy realised, this woman was not made to be in a relationship he concluded. It was a year and a half since they got married.

Andy looked out for a change his job one more time. This time he made sure he took up a travelling job which would make him travel all around the world. . Andy flew out of the country for good. Meanwhile, his wife took to complete her studies. This was a better option than to work, she thought. She could finish her doctorate in next three years while he keeps travelling. What she didn’t realize was that Andy had taken that final flight away from her and from his hopelessly passionless marriage. Andy started dating new people while he was on these trips abroad while she hopelessly tried to kept in touch. Initially Andy would call her from abroad and also before he landed but then he kept reducing all such communications with her. It became one odd call a week or just before touching down back again.

She seemed to be completely engrossed in planning her studies but she seemed to get an intuition that something was wrong somewhere. Several times she tried to ask him if he was okay . When she didn’t get any clues from his side, she chose to brush off her doubts and got back to her studies again. She faltered for the second time.

Andy changed his job again in year 2011 March. This time he got a lucrative offer in her city.  Back then when they were dating there ,he had even purchased a house there to make their life easier. This time the job was a high income one. This time Andy decided to live apart from her in his own house. She was not happy but she could not help it. It was one year into her fellowship program and she refused to leave it to join him. She faltered again.

Andy was sent to Singapore for a work assignment of 4 months. He came back and joined another assignment at another city. He consciously chose not to visit her and kept himself busy in work. They would meet only once or twice in that year 2011 at his parents place. Several times she would force herself into his hotel room without his consent. She also forced him to stay with her in their house once. he became even more averse to her once she tried to commit suicide by popping some odd pills.  She faltered one last time.

One month into this new project at this new city, Andy met a girl on a dating site. It was Aug 2011. The day they met,his life changed for better.

Cut back to present ….Its been 3 years and Andy is happily married to her. Andy does not remember his past. Nor does she lets him. But sometimes a stray thought comes onto his mind….he had wasted 7 years of his life for a good for nothing woman. How does one trust a relationship? There is no way except to live in together for sometime. That’s what they had done. They lived together day in and day out for last 3 years till they became inseparable!

Life is a gamble he thought, one time he lost and this time he has won the Power-ball!

His Girl Caught & Shot- Andy

His Girl
Caught & Shot- Andy

Its only fair, he knows.


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