Baby on Board

Baby on Board Please...!

Baby on Board Please…!

With all the uncertainties in their lives, having a baby was the last thing in their minds especially for Andy. He was a perfectionist and wanted everything to be picture perfect in his life. First year was like a dream ! Time flew away in loving each other and they would not even not bother about the next day! Everyday all they did was wait for the evening to be back together , have a hearty meal, walk a couple of miles after dinner and sleep peacefully in each other’s arms.

2nd year they lived in together and realized that they have a hell lot of mess in their individual lives and they need to sort it out before plunging into something which may become disastrous again. This was a testing time for them. They stood by each other and began to work on it.

Having a baby or even thing about it was out of bounds. But Ria ached to have one. She knew , she had to wait….but for how long she didn’t know.They were stressed out at things taking longer time than usual and Andy didn’t want her to be stressed during her pregnancy, he was very clear about it and told her they need to wait for the right time. He wanted a healthy baby with an equally healthy mother. He cared way too much for her.

At the end of 3rd year, of course their hard work and perseverance  was rewarded. Within a short span of 8 months everything at their personal end was resolved with ease.

This was the perfect time . Ria asked Andy if they would plan the baby now. He smiled and said yes. Ria knew it will be long before he gets attached to their unborn child. So when Ria missed her periods, she casually mentioned him about it. He surprised her by telling her that they are going to visit the doctor the next day. Ria said it was too early and they need to take a pregnancy test first!

Andy agreed and after a week they were at their Gynaec. Its been routine trips since then. When they talk about the baby, Ria can see the glow on Andy’s face. He seems excited, happy and quite looking forward to the D-day. Nonetheless, she knows he is not able to comprehend the reality of his baby in her womb. She would then reassure herself that its just a matter of a few more months and he will be the happiest person on earth when he sees his baby in real.

Andy seemed to be quite exhilarated when they  saw the first ultra sound of the baby.They heard the baby’s heart beating, his little feet, hands , tummy and his mouth too. The baby was kicking all over the place and seemed to be having fun in his own world. ” Like father, like son” , thought Ria. She looked at him and smiled. Andy nodded and smiled back.

They realized, this was the right time for the arrival of their baby. A baby they had been thinking about and only dreaming to conceive since last three years. They are done with first trimester’s unpleasant times and the latter half pregnancy was becoming more enjoyable.

Now the conversations are like…

” I dont want a chinky baby, you know I don’t want people saying that your baby does not look like you…”

” Awww  c’mon, dont be such a racist, how does it matter, a baby is adorable, our baby will be cool so don’t you worry !”

“Still I don’t want a chinky boy…..may be a chinky girl will still be alright…”

“You gone crazy….just chill,” he quipped and hugged her tight!

Looking forward for their angel, Andy had put his baby picture from the ultrasound on his cell phones display!

Ria feels Andy is in totally gonna be a fabulous father….she puts her head on his chest, hugs him tight and sleeps for the night, content.

Both spin into their dreams of even a more happier tomorrow !


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