Paradise found

Paradise Caught & Shot- A&R

Caught & Shot- A&R

We live in a city in southern part of India.Its been a year for me here but for Ani its almost 7 years. In between he stayed in Mumbai for 2 years. He liked staying in Mumbai while being a Bachelor but the later 2 years’ stay there took a toll on his health.

From that perspective, Hyderabad was a much quieter place. Less polluted, less traffic and he was not travelling out of the city as well as inside the city too.

Last fall , when I touched down Hyderabad, the weather was pleasant and it seemed that it had rained a day before. Quite unlike from the northern parts of India from where I belonged.Cool breeze and cloudy sky of the city welcomed me, which would be my abode for next one year to come.

The chirping sparrows at home sang sweet songs upon my arrival. I gave them some grains to eat before I settled upon cleaning the house.In a weeks time, the floor shined and the window panes sparkled. The House smelled of fresh floral sprays and the kitchen was made operational. Though I hardly felt like cooking anything for me but the hearth made me feel it was my home. Ani would not be home before one month and I needed to occupy myself with something or other.

My days started at 5.30 am with an hour long morning walk. I loved to see the rising sun everyday as I started my day. The singing birds, the cool breeze and the various hues of radiant sun falling onto the eastern sky would lit up my soul. I thought about sharing these beautiful morning walks with my Ani one day. It felt like a long time but finally that day came when we would take those morning and evening walks together. Chatting all along and sharing fun times and hence making memories forever.

Its been close to a year now and we have enjoyed every bit of this city for its cuisines, laid back attitude, pleasant weather and other miscellaneous things it has to offer. Clearly it has been a paradise we had been waiting for all our lives!





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