Birthday-13th October

Happy birthday! Caught & Shot- A & R

Happy birthday!
Caught & Shot- A & R

This time it was a very simple birthday celebration for Ani. Me on a strict preggers diet , we just had a nice dinner at a quiet place and followed it up some lovely pastries.Life has been calmer and more settled since last one year and more so since last one month since we tied the knot.

I remember how a couple of years back I would get jittery during Ani’s birthday time. Planning for an elaborate cake , a huge bouquet and a gift would be some of the few things on my list and of course I would worry if he would be able to spend his special day with me or his family or would he be forced to be somewhere else by his ex. Well out of last  4 years that we are together, this was the 2nd time that we celebrated it together. But Ani makes sure that he flies to be with me wherever he is during my birthday…..after all birthday is a special day and we are supposed to make it more special for our loved ones.

I plan to celebrate his next birthday with a great party with his friends and of course we will be joined by our little munchkin by then and it will be anyways a special one!

So happy 35th birthday and  here’s for a great life ahead honey! Sorry could not make it big this time but will sure make it up next year!


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