Lighting up on Diwali

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Glorious year two,and I’m celebrating Diwali at home with hubby. He decided to be with with me instead of going back home to be with Mom which was long due actually. The house is being lighted up and lanes of Diyas are put near the threshold of all the doors leading outside. We don’t do firecrackers and its terrible to see the pollution aftermath the very next morning.Continuous firecrackers are also a nuisance to babies, old and sick people alike. Hope we as a society will get rid of this ritual soon!

Diwali back in childhood was of course never without firecrackers. Brother used to wait for day and get loads of them for the evening. I still never liked them at all. Just a few Fuljharis would do for me…other things would startle me every time even if someone else fires them. Evenings would be puja done by mom and then we used to send Thalis of sweets to the neighbors and friends.  I loved this particular ceremony where I would go to each of the neighbor’s house with a plate full of sweets made by mom and wish them Happy Diwali !

Diwali in the northern side of the country is celebrated with festive fervor and its bidding adieu to the summers and welcoming the winters. Some of the main crops of the region are also harvested soon after Diwali so its praying to god for a good harvest too. Basically Diwali is worshiping goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and wealth in all the parts of India. Southern states never seem to celebrate Diwali or have any religious importance for that matter. They would just burn crackers just because its a Hindu festival on the national calender. Strange because this is the most celebrated festival in all parts of India except these states down south. In Bengal, Dussehra (prelude to Diwali) has another form called durga puja, nonetheless its celebrated for all the 9 days like rest of northern and western states. Bengalis also celebrate Diwali like their north Indian counterparts. Some people have pretty wrong notions about other states in India. They are akin to the frogs in the well who never know what is going on in the rest of the world! Its better to read about the ancient Hindu scripts and know about the state cultures to gain some knowledge rather than having cock-eyed views about other religions and states!

The legend says its the celebration of Lord Ram coming back to Ayodhya , his kingdom after defeating the demon , Ravan. So its the victory of good over evil.

Good always persists over the bad. May it be that way and the faith in humanity is restored by the nature always.

Happy Diwali , May it lighten up the darkness of your soul and lead you to truth and prosperity.


Lighted Hearts!

Lighted Hearts!



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