The Autumn Chill is here…

Foggy Winter @home Caught- A & R

Foggy Winter @home
Caught- A & R

The northern winters are absolutely missing in this part of India. And I do miss the foggy mornings, that severe chill until noon, hot cardamom tea and the hot stuffed Parathas from the north.

However, since a week, I can feel a bit of a cooler breeze when I get up at 6 am. It has become more pleasant to go for the morning walks and you don’t feel sweaty when you are heading back home. The mornings have become much more pleasant and even the evenings are nice while we go for that round of golgappas in our neighborhood!

Its amazing to know how much the weather plays a role in setting up the mood for the day. You go out more often, you enjoy sitting out in the balcony watching the sunset, you write more, you tend to relish your cooking and experiment with new recipes and eat various stuffs.

No wonder people at hills and mountains sides are more happy, healthy and content!The weather of Hyderabad and Bangalore are said to be pleasant than rest of the places in southern India. They also claim to have no winters like other parts of the country. But at any given day, I would love to have those 4 months of northern winters rather than having a pleasant weather 8 months in a year.

Winter brings about change in your food routines, dresses we have been wearing and makes us appreciate change and get acclimatized to it. In some parts of the world its summer all year round and in other its winter.

Change is the only constant in life. We must understand and embrace it happily!


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  1. Gagan
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 06:58:12

    I agree with you living in hills (Himalyas) is very nostalgic. I wish I can live there in my life at least a year that would be much more than ten years of my life.


    • Rinks
      Nov 07, 2014 @ 13:12:05

      Have lived in north all my life so nothing more fascinating than the blue hills in the horizon! The pic, however is of my dad’s place in Assam. We have lovely though a bit wet winters there! Agree totally with you Gagan, its a dream to live in a wooden cabin along a gurgling stream by the mountainside! Welcome to My Riverside,thanks for stopping bye 🙂


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